60th Anniversary club logo refresh

As 2021 came and went in Bristol, Western Gaels GAA celebrated our 60th anniversary. This is not only a huge achievement for any amateur club, but even more so for one that is purely ran by expats in a city where they call home for usually less than 5 years at a time. To keep a club running is no mean feet, and to have two senior teams, both men and women's, is testament to the dedication those have given to Western Gaels from their time in Bristol throughout the years.

This club is not only a sporting one, but one that provides friendship, community and support to those that need it. This has never been more so important than in the last two years, where travelling to the comfort of home hasn't been all too easy.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Western Gaels, the committee thought it was time to design a new crest, one that proudly remembers our founding year and long history, but one that includes the Clifton suspension bridge, an icon that towers over the city that many of us call home.

We would like to thank those who founded the club, Patsy Byrnes, Ben Gorman, Tony Griffin and Mick Mulrooney and to all those who have contributed to the running of the club since its inception which has led to many successful and trophy filled years. (More club history can be found here.)

A club is only as strong as it's members, and as we celebrate our 60th, it is up to us to continue to build on the foundations laid by others to ensure the club continues to get stronger over the next 60 years.

2021 proved a challenging time to host an event to commemorate our diamond jubilee with covid making it difficult to plan such an event, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on this in 2022.

A special thanks must go to the talented Moksha Carambiah for the wonderful new design, which will adorn our club gear and channels for the future.

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